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8 Ways To Be Charitable In The UAE For Ramadan 2023

Ramadan is here and in full swing, and as Muslims all over the world prepare to partake in a time of spiritual reflection and devotion, a crucial component of observing the Islamic tradition during this period is giving back to the community through acts of charity.

Charity is an integral part of Islam and is believed to be a means of strengthening one's faith. Muslims across the globe take advantage of this holy month as an opportunity to help those in need by donating money to organizations or providing food to the poor.

In the UAE, citizens and residents, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, can participate in several donation campaigns set up by the government and communities. Here are 10 ways to make a difference this Ramadan:

Emirates Red Crescent
The Emirates Red Crescent offers citizens and residents a variety of options for donations. Those wishing to give back can donate money, food baskets, Iftar meals, Eid clothing, and Eid money or ‘Eidiya’. They also have an option for Muslims who are unable to fast to donate in atonement for breaking their fast.
Amazon has launched a "Giving Back to the Community" wishlist, where you can purchase essential products to donate to Red Crescent, who will distribute them to families in need around the UAE.

World Food Programme (WFP)
By donating to the WFP, you can help the world's largest humanitarian organization deliver emergency food during Ramadan. Make a donation here.

Ramadan Sharing Fridges
This community-based initiative sees fridges pop-up all over the city, with residents encouraged to fill them for those in need to help themselves to. Check here for updated locations.

Carrefour has partnered with Emirates Red Crescent to offer two box options, Dhs50 and Dhs100, for customers to donate essential items to families in need.

This team distributes food bags to those in need around the city, and you can help by showing up and assisting them. Check their Instagram account for their location. @thegivingfamily.

One Billion Meals
The One Billion Meals campaign coincides with the holy month of Ramadan and aims to mobilize local, regional, and international efforts to fight and eradicate hunger. The campaign accepts monetary donations from institutions, companies, and individuals.

Géant & Aswaaq
At Géant, you can purchase commodities and essentials to donate, drop them off at a designated point in the store, and Emirates Red Crescent will distribute them to the needy in the UAE and 31 other countries across the world. You can also make a cash donation, purchase an iftar meal box for Dhs11.95, and support the Zakat Al Fitr initiative.

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