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Saudi Fashion Commission CEO Among Panelists During Inaugural Egypt Fashion Week

Burak Cakmak, CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission, is scheduled to speak during the first-ever Egypt Fashion Week, which runs from May 12 to May 15.

US fashion blogger Diane Pernet, Nigerian businesswoman Omoyemi Akerele, and Austrian Egyptian Susan Sabet, co-founder of the Egyptian Fashion & Design Council, will all be present at the event. A statement from Sabet reads: “We are very proud and grateful to have won over so many distinguished speakers and major worldwide media partners and attendance to ensure that all eyes will be on Egyptian fashion.”

The fashion week, which has been in the works for approximately four years, has the title "Past, Present & Future" and is intended to highlight Egypt's rich legacy and civilization, which have influenced its culture, as well as to exhibit Egypt's today to the outside world.

Sabet continued, “Inspired by the rising number of emerging designers and growth of the local fashion industry, we knew the time had come to show the world our pool of creative talents and local cotton and textile industry.

“The EFW program goes far beyond fashion shows and exhibitions and aims to connect the local, African and Middle Eastern markets through design, craftsmanship, education, sustainability, production and retail.”

On May 12, the Egyptian Museum will host the opening night, followed by a gala dinner. The event will feature a fashion show showcasing the "Best of Egyptian Designers" that will be put together by American stylist Julie Matos. The next two days will take place in the Museum of Agriculture, which will open its doors to the public for the first time following a five-year makeover for EFW. The Museum of Agriculture is one of the most significant museums of its kind in the world. It explores the development of cotton and agriculture in Egypt from past to the present, recognizing that agriculture served as the cornerstone upon which the Ancient Egyptians constructed their civilization.

Visitors to the fashion week will see designer displays organized by the GTEX-ITC, Lagos Fashion Week, Jordan Fashion Week, and the Saudi Fashion Commission.

Additionally, a panel discussion with experts from the design, education, crafts, production, retail, sustainability, women's empowerment, and finance industries will also be held during EFW. The logistical partner for the EFW is Launchmetrics, which also sponsors the New York and Paris fashion weeks.

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