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Adidas Releasing A Limited-Edition Capsule Collection With Nourie Flayhan Honoring The UAE

Nourie Flayhan, a Lebanese illustrator, is returning with a new global collaboration.

A limited-edition Ramadan capsule collection by the artist and German sports juggernaut Adidas is in the works. A one-of-a-kind design made by Flayhan for the unisex collection also honors the city of Dubai. The T-shirts and hoodies in the collection come in three distinct colors: halo blue, altered blue, and white.

“My artwork pays homage to all the expat kids who grew up or have found a home in Dubai,” Flayhan said.

“I was inspired by old Dubai, the beautiful henna traditions, the desire flower tribulus omanense and the palm trees that framed the paths we walk down giving us shade — a symbol of finding a home in a foreign land.”

The artwork is influenced by the UAE's national symbols and Flayhan's distinctive drawing style is used to reimagine and interpret the palm tree, henna, and seven stars to celebrate the seven Emirates.

The exclusive design developed by Flayhan celebrating the UAE in the unisex collection, will be available in limited numbers starting on March 27 and will be sold only in the UAE as part of the brand's commitment to encourage and promote innovation in the area.

In recent years, Flayhan has established herself as one of the most gifted up-and-coming painters in the region. She is a remarkable female Arab contemporary artist who is originally from Lebanon and was raised in a creative environment, encouraged to stand out thus using her artwork as a form of expression. By empowering women, sharing genuine cultural touch points, and narrating stories via a Levantine viewpoint, she has continually inspired Arab audiences.

The NY-based designer Carolina Herrera collaborated with the Levantine illustrator for Eid Al Fitr illustrations in 2021. As champions of women's rights and gender empowerment, Herrera and Flayhan naturally made the ideal team. Additionally, the coveted Gucci Beauty images, which were published in the Vogue Arabia October 2020 edition, were also created by Flayhan.

General Sale is on the 27th March through, adidas UAE stores and select UAE retailers.

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