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Lebanese Designer Hussein Bazaza Displays His Most Recent Collection

Hussein Bazaza, a budding Lebanese designer, presented his most recent line at Dubai Fashion Week on Monday, giving the affluent front row a visual feast. Renowned for his love of brilliant colors and unconventional materials, Bazaza's most recent collection included oversized jackets in dazzling fabrics, textured skirts, and an abundance of paillettes.

A dusty pink hooded dress with Bazaza's trademark quirky twist on the season's most popular trend, the hood, with the hood rising from the garment's bodice rather than its collar was a standout piece. Another item included a textured weave coat in an ombre colorway that faded from sunset orange to twilight teal.

The designer previously discussed his modest origins with Arab News, he said, “In 2014, I created my professional brand and I was part of Fashion Forward Dubai, where I started showing my collections. The Arab World started to know more about my brand and (about) me as a designer.”

Bazaza feels he has a creative way of combining colors, materials, and textures. His clothing line provides a distinctive perspective on fashion. He enjoys mixing ready-to-wear with high couture.

The fashion designer was driven to combine elegant red carpet appearances with more casual outfits by his passion for couture. He went on to describe his sporty stylish style, “I did not know people would love this combination. People started referring to this style as Hussein Bazaza’s style so that was something I am proud of.”

Day four of Dubai Fashion Week also featured presentations by the regional brand BLSSD, Ivodia London, Francesca Liberatore, and Slimi Studio.

The white, black, and silver outfits in Slimi Studio's monochrome collection included oversized jackets worn with cargo skirts and exaggerated, army-style pockets on several pieces.

An understated line of button-down shirts coupled with workwear-inspired skirts and pinstripe dresses was displayed by the Italian brand Francesca Liberatore. A range that included geometrical sequin embroidery on a number of form-fitting cocktail outfits also provided slinky gowns with a sleepwear vibe.

The fashion designer declared after the event, "Always an intense time!" on Instagram.

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