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Get To Know The Brilliant Saudi Chef Mona Mosly

When you mention Saudi’s culinary scene, you can’t but mention chef Mona Mosly. She is a renowned Saudi chef known for her innovative twist on classic dishes.

Primarily, her training was centered in Switzerland and London, and Mosly’s extensive experience in the culinary arts has been gained in various restaurants throughout the Middle East.

One of her most recent collaborations was with VOX Cinemas, where she has created an extended menu with more than 20 dishes, including kibbeh nachos, Armenian tabbouleh, Thai curry salmon, and more.

Yes, you read that right – kibbeh nachos! It’s actually one of Mosly’s favorite dishes, as she explains more about it to Arab News, ““It’s basically kibbeh, but it looks like nachos. Instead of cheddar sauce, I used mohamara sauce, so it gives the same feeling. I also love the fish and chips, because it has a very nice story behind it. I like food that can gather different cultures together.”

Other than her creatives dishes, Mosly has had learning experience, just the same as us. Fun fact about Mosly is that while she was working at Leylaty ballroom in Jeddah, she once burned 80 kilos of morels, AKA one of the most expensive mushrooms out there. The interesting part is that after that, morel became one of her favorite ingredients.

“I believe that I can bring people joy with my food as well,” Mosly speaks to Arab News about her profession, “And it’s all about happiness, right? So it (VOX collaboration) is a beautiful collaboration for me.”

She goes on to explains the connection between food and the people, “I believe that food has to be related to us. It could take us to a beautiful memory. It could remind us of flavors from our childhood and all that.”

And when asked about her leadership style in the kitchen, she mentioned how important it is to foster relationships with people you work with and make the working environment a fun place.

Mosly explains, “I believe that when you are loved, appreciated and respected, you can do wonders. So, that’s what I try to give to the people I work with. Real Mosly speaks to Arab News about her profession. ly, I like to dance, I like to sing, I like to enjoy being with my team.” 

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