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Saudi Stars Shoot With MAC for IWD Campaign in Jeddah

Filmed within the ancient walls of the stunning historic Al Balad, MAC teamed together with four Saudi personalities for a colorful campaign for International Women’s Day.

“Being part of this campaign makes me so proud; not only because it was shot in my city with such powerful and unique women, but because it allows me to celebrate being myself,” Abeer Sinder stated her thoughts about her participation, ““I am driven by the knowledge that girls look up to me - I feel the responsibility of promoting individuality and inspiring them to be true to themselves.”

Abeer Sinder is an award winning Saudi content creator who has been part of renowned global campaigns, and now adding to her portfolio MAC. Sinder is also an entrepreneur as she has founded her own hair wigs and extensions brand.

The other three influencers involved in the campaign were Saudi gamer Meshael MR, Saudi model Ghalia Amin, and Saudi influencer Nirvana Abdul. The goal of the campaign was to celebrate women's uniqueness.

Amin, who is also a TV host and model, said: “I believe that authenticity is a value essential for personal happiness. To be included in this campaign is a dream come true for me. Shooting in Jeddah, my city, was so beautiful and surreal.”

“The historical authenticity of the Al Balad area really compliments the values of authenticity being communicated in the shoot – I strongly believe that self-expression is at the heart of finding happiness,” she added.

In the videos, the four stars are shown adding subtle touches to their vibrant and daring makeup looks in a retro setting from the colors and costumes to the props.

“Be Beautiful, Be Strong” reads across the videos in a huge billboard translated to Arabic setting an inspiring example of feeling comfortable in your own skin - that has always been at the core of MAC’s brand messaging. And now with their release of this video centered around self-expression and individuality, they further reinforce their message to girls and women all over the world that being yourself is the best makeup you can ever put on. 

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