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KSA's Ministry of Culture to Host Ramadan Season Extravaganza

The Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia is gearing up to host a series of events and activities as part of the upcoming Ramadan Season 1444 AH. The cultural extravaganza aims to revive the historical and cultural heritage of the holy month and will feature a range of lively, creative, and social events across various locations in the country.

This year's Ramadan Season will be celebrated in 14 cities across 10 regions of Saudi Arabia. Over 38 locations will host an array of activities, such as live performances, sports tournaments, entertainment events, historical exhibitions, popular games, and iftar and suhoor areas. All events will be held while respecting the unique character of Ramadan and based on the spatial cultural identity of the cities in Saudi Arabia.

The festivities will kick off in Jeddah, the gateway to the Two Holy Mosques, where diverse activities will take place at Al-Balad Gate (Historic Jeddah). These events will feature Ramadan stories, charity work, exhibitions on the history of Jeddah, restoration of historic mosques, printing of the Qur’an, popular restaurants, and more.

Riyadh will also host various activities, including a Ramadan tent, charitable work, poetry evenings, volleyball and paddle-ball tournaments, a walking track, and e-games. The goal of the events is to celebrate the customs of Saudi society during the fasting month, introduce authentic Saudi cuisine, and showcase Ramadan culture in all its rich details in innovative ways. Additionally, this cultural celebration will provide a platform to share local cultural experiences with the Islamic world.

The Ministry of Culture is committed to promoting cultural diversity and preserving the heritage of the country. The Ramadan Season 1444 AH is one of the ways in which the Ministry aims to achieve these goals by showcasing the rich cultural traditions and customs of Saudi society during the holy month of Ramadan. The events will take place across the country and will be open to all, offering a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant and diverse cultural fabric of Saudi Arabia.

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