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The AlUla Tourist Center Create Unique Experiences For Visitors

As the Royal Commission for AlUla introduced a brand-new, complimentary concierge service, the UNESCO Heritage Sites in AlUla have become easier to reach.

Professionals at the local visitor center will create itineraries for visitors exploring the old city based on their extensive knowledge of tourist attractions, secret locations, and trending events. Whether they are single travelers, couples, friends, or family groups, staff members try to tailor tours to match the tastes, spending limits, and lengths of stays of visitors.

Hiking excursions, zip-lining excursions, helicopter flights, dinner and stargazing excursions, and relaxing days are all available to suit different preferences. Itineraries can be provided to tourists in advance of arrival for approval and include contact information, timetables, and all pertinent information. The primary inquiries include questions about transportation and lodging.

Hotel apartments and camping grounds provide less expensive lodging choices than luxury resorts, while AlUla inhabitants have recently begun renting out rooms in their houses to tourists. At AlUla, taxis are accessible, and many of the major resorts offer their own vehicles to visitors who have reservations.

Center operations manager, Islam Fayez, told Arab News: “We always look for the smallest details so the item at the end of the day is as flawless as possible, and it is as professional as it can get. We’re also supporting the local community. We call them ambassadors. We don’t have any expats in that position.”

The ambassadors are bilingual, proficient in English, driven, and well-trained to assist foreign visitors with all of their needs. Roaming ambassadors in uniform with iPads are also ready to provide guidance to tourists at certain locations. 

Fayez said: “I believe the visitor center experience will continue and operate throughout Saudi Arabia. When traveling to another country, having a visitor, welcome, or tourist center as a base for information and bookings is important. 

“For a lot of tourists, their first interaction with Saudi Arabia is through the center, and that’s why it is important our team is well-trained and capable of interacting with people to give them the best experience possible.” 

To help the visitor center staff enhance guest services, all visitors are urged to offer feedback. 

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