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KSA to Celebrate Flag Day in March Every Year

Saudi Arabia will celebrate Flag Day on March 11 every year, according to an announcement by King Salman, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. In a royal decree released on Wednesday, King Salman proclaimed that March 11 would be a special day in honor of the Kingdom’s National Flag, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

The King specifically noted that March 11, 1937, marked the day when King Abdul Aziz endorsed the flag in the form that it appears today. The flag bears the Islamic declaration of faith in the middle, symbolizing the message of peace and the religion of Islam on which the Saudi state was founded. The sword on the flag represents strength, dignity, wisdom, and status.

King Salman emphasized the historical value of the national flag, which has been present throughout the country's history since its founding in 1727. He highlighted the flag's significance as a symbol of the state's manifestation, strength, sovereignty, as well as a symbol of cohesion, coalition, and national unity. For almost three centuries, the Saudi state's citizens have taken pride in the flag, using it as a banner of elegance.

The King explained that the decision to celebrate Flag Day was made after reviewing the Kingdom’s Basic Law of Governance and the Flag Law. He believes that Flag Day will be a momentous occasion for the country as it celebrates the national symbol that represents the country's ideals and principles.

By celebrating Flag Day annually, Saudi Arabia demonstrates its commitment to its national identity, while also encouraging patriotism and unity among its citizens. The day will serve as a reminder of the country's history, values, and aspirations for the future.

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