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6 Saudi Women Who Dominate In The Cinema Industry

Today, we want to highlight 6 remarkable Saudi women who have excelled in the film industry and have become influential figures, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. From filmmakers to actresses, these are the women have made a profound impact on the cinematic landscape.

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Fatima Al Banawi

Fatima Al Banawi is a multi-talented artist who has written and performed in numerous plays, namely "Hind's Dream" premiering at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She has made her mark as an actress in different films and shows, including the popular Saudi sitcom "Tash ma Tash" and the romantic comedy "Barakah Meets Barakah," the first in KSA.

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Mila Alzahrani

Mila Al Zahrani has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment world. Having started her acting career with her debut in "Selfie", she has gone on to showcase her versatility through her notable performances in several other shows such as "The Writer","Whispers".

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Aseel Omran

"Khawater Alqahira," and since then, she has graced several other television series and films with her talent. Her outstanding performance in the film "Saq Al Bamboo" earned her the Best Arab Actress award at the prestigious Dubai International Film Festival.

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Reem Abdullah

Reem Abdullah is a Saudi actress who began her acting career in the film "Women Without Shadows". Since then, she has appeared in other films and shows, including "Love Above the Law", "Wadjda” - which she won Best Actress award for at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. The actress has received critical acclaim for her portrayal of strong, independent women and has become a role model for many.

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Haifa Al Mansour

You cannot talk about Saudi women in cinema and not mention this legend’s exceptional work. She made history in with her groundbreaking film "Wadjda", which was the first feature film to be directed by a female filmmaker in KSA. Al Mansour's films delve into the experiences of women in Saudi Arabia, examining the challenges they encounter. Her work is widely acknowledged for its powerful, evocative messages.

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Shahad Ameen

Shahad Ameen embarked on her filmmaking journey in with her debut film "Al-Madhi", which captivated audiences at international film festivals. Her work is recognized for its insightful storytelling, and that goes to say with her numerous accolades, notably the Best Director honor at the 2019 Arab Cinema Awards for her film "Scales".

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