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Fatima Abdulrahman, The Emirati Creative Taking UAE BY Storm

Founder of Timography, visual artist, creative director, culturist, Fatima Abdulrahman is the creative you need to be looking out for. Her delve into the world of photography started purely as a hobby, or a passion she would call it. After years of dabbling in the art of taking pictures, she decided to establish her own company.

Timography was founded in 2012, and they create content for various clients in various industries. The content they produce is focused and tailor-made, combining the creative part with the trends of the digital age. They have worked with brands such as Maserati, Saddle, The Library Boutique, Brix, The Haus, Out of Town, and more.

Before the big names and glitz of the world of photography and creative direction, Fatima started small. In an online interview, she says that she didn’t even have the professional equipment needed to seriously pursue photography. Fatima would use a lamp or her mobile phone flash for lighting for her photos, but even then, she recognized how much happiness it brough her. Being able to take these moments of life and make them eternal, for her that was the pinnacle of photography.

Fatima also acknowledges the significance of community support, emphasizing that it plays a pivotal role in enabling individuals, especially in the creative fields, to get that success they are looking for and fulfill their aspirations.

According to her, the UAE has provided a positive and engaging environment that fosters the growth of young talent, offering them limitless opportunities to harness their potential and transform their passions into something more than just a pastime.

On her Instagram feed, that is quite aesthetic, you will find moments of her life captured in little digital boxes. From her travels to her friends, she is still photographing and documenting fleeting instances that showcase a point in time. Her style freezes memories, emotions, and experiences in a single image, transporting us back to a specific place and time with just one glance.

We’ll leave you with one of her quotes, “No one was ever born an expert. Never hesitate to push yourself to learn from other photographers and take other people’s opinion under consideration. Persistency is the key to accomplishing your dreams.” 

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