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Raghad Fathaddin: Saudi Founder of Sangha, A Place For AI, Creativity, Well-Being

Raghad Fathaddin is the founder & CEO of Sangha “Estidama Hub”, a place where Artificial Intelligence, creativity, and planetary well-being merge to create immersive experiences and elevating consciousness.

She has gained her master’s degree in Public Policy from King’s College London, and has around 7 years of experience in various fields. She has worked with numerous NGOs such as United Nations for Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and more.

They aim to provide both individuals and institutions with the resources, encouragement, and support they need to live sustainably and lead fulfilling lives. How? By training Saudi youth with the essential skills and building a mindset, to thrive.

The ecosystem promotes holistic, innovative, and simplified development to enable the community to serve the institutions, community, and nation with ease. Right now, they offer two products which are the Student’s Flourish Program and the TOT: Online Teacher Training. Each of these products offers six sessions, in which each corresponds to a certain learning from Storytelling and Amplified Creativity to Positive Relationships. The focal objective is to unleash “human” potential and develop socio-emotional literacy.

This is actually one of the most interesting startups we have encountered recently, because of the “human potential” part of it. In schools, we do not learn to adopt behaviors that serves us, and let us go of those that do not, as most academic institutions are mostly focused on the academics.

If we are lucky to learn so with our families or work colleagues, that is fortunate, but most people do not get that opportunity. That is why Sangha Hub was established, to provide that meeting point where well-being meets AI and creativity to serve and unleash your potential.

Fathaddin has shown throughout her journey that she is truly a visionary, with her clear, imaginative and inspiring view of the future. She is someone who can see beyond the present and imagine what could be possible. With her unique perspective, she created innovation ideas and work streams that have the potential to change the world. We are very excited to see what her next steps are. 

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