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HRH Princess Lamia Reappointed As UN-Habitat Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Arab States

Princess Lamia bint Majed has been reappointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for UN-Habitat in the Arab region.

She extended her term on Monday at the UN headquarters in Riyadh, surrounded by the Saudi and UN flags, and reaffirmed her steadfast dedication to promoting sustainable urban development and improved living conditions for all, and to advance the organization's goal of creating ecologically and socially responsible cities that leave no one and no place behind.

She told Arab News she is thrilled and humbled to be re-nominated as UN-Habitat Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Arab States. She explained that a person's habitat, or house, is vital and essential to feeling safe, even only to have a roof over one's head. During the past few years, UN-Habitat completed thousands of units and assisted thousands of families in a number of nations, such as Syria, Sudan, Iraq, and Palestine.

The princess emphasized that since she assumed the position, the world had changed and requirements had evolved, particularly prior to and during the coronavirus outbreak. The top priorities now are how to reach out to people, approach the issue, and raise awareness. She clarified that sometimes its straightforward with the aid of social media and at other times it's difficult as seen by the current events in Syria and Turkey.

“So, it’s always a challenge, but to be able to serve and to help is an honor and a pleasure. And I think it’s a learning curve for everyone.

“I hope inshallah, with this appointment, I’ll be able to help from a philanthropic perspective and with the United Nations, as well.” she added.

Princess Lamia highlighted the Saudi government's assistance in supporting UN- Habitat's accomplishments and stated that her objective for the following term was to keep the momentum going. She also exhorted young people in Saudi Arabia to volunteer and participate in the UN-Habitat initiative.

Maimunah Mohd Sharif, executive director of UN-Habitat said, “Today is a historic moment for us in UN-Habitat for signing the extension of her royal highness, Princess Lamia, as our Goodwill Ambassador. And we’re very happy that she agreed to continue the work and champion the mandate of UN-Habitat.

“She’s been with us for the first three years and she’s an advocate for our work, not only in this region, but also the other parts of the region.”

Goodwill Ambassadors volunteer their time and voice to assist UN organizations in generating support and bringing to attention important issues. One of the specialized organizations within the United Nations umbrella is UN-Habitat. As a result, the assistance of Goodwill Ambassadors aids the organization in achieving scale and impact.

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