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Haya Akhdar, Founding Member Of The First Saudi Fashion Association

When the industry of fashion and luxury is mentioned in Saudi Arabia, the name Haya Akhdar is immediately associated with it. Recently, Akhdar was chosen to be a founding member of the first Fashion Association. This non-profit association operates under the Saudi Ministry of Culture and is an initiative that adds to the kingdom’s portfolio of non-profile organizations that work in various cultural areas.

Akhdar will be working along big names in the Saudi fashion industry as well, to present opportunities for fashion professionals. The president of the Saudi Fahsion Asociation Board talks about its importance in Vision 2030 and how people will be able to “develop their skills, build their initiatives, develop awareness, create support mechanisms, and form an attractive social model for professionalism and build an integrated system that contributes to the economy and the realization of Vision 2030.”

Born and raised in Riyadh, Akhdar has always had a step into the world of fashion and luxury. Coming from a rather impressive professional background, she has worked in the some of the most renowned luxury houses around the world. With almost 4 years at Christian Dior Couture, 2 years at Hermès, 5 years at Louis Vuitton, it’s safe to say that Akhdar has mastered the ins and outs of the luxury industry.

Her extensive experience doesn’t stop there as more than 5 years ago, the Saudi-born entrepreneur has made impact on the region when she founded her ultra-luxury consultancy that specializes in Public Relations and fostering customer-brand relationships. She has even styled Ed Westwick once, AKA Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl!

“Taking that leap of faith at that time, when I didn’t think of myself as an entrepreneur, was unsettling as I had to let go of the stability and comfort that comes with a more traditional career path,” the fashion mogul tells an online news outlet. “Looking back, it was the best decision I made. It enabled me to work with some of the most talented people I know in the industry who I’m proud to call members of the HFA family.”

Due to her vast connections and network, Akhdar helps brands build relationships with the elite of luxury and fashion customers. What is also very interesting about Akhdar’s profile is her connection to the Middle East and completely understanding of the culture, which gives way for genuine customer-brand connections.

The fields in which the Saudi national excels in are media relations, management of media assets, brand experiences, influencer relations, events, and client database management.

Throughout her career, Haya has not only been passionate about the field of luxury fashion but also is enthusiastic about interacting with others and is always willing to take on difficult tasks or put in the necessary effort. She mentions a lot her team and the people around her that support her in the consultancy’s activities. Her record of achievements is an inspiration to all, and it demonstrates perfectly the capacity of Saudi women on how to shape decisions and accomplish objectives.

“I love working with clients and helping them achieve,” she says in an interview with a regional online news outlet. “Few things are as rewarding as seeing the impact and outcome of a project after you’ve invested 100% of your collaborative effort.”

Taking the time to invest energy and effort into talent building is also a concept that Akhdar fully stands by, as she states, “Being able to guide and empower them, and then watching them grow into their full potential is, without a doubt, one of the most fulfilling parts of my career,” she says.

With an office in Dubai, and an office in Riyadh, Akhdar is ready to take on the world. The continuing growth of her business, HFA Consultancy, is happening and she credits that expansion to her husband, who is her partner in business as well.

With that being said, Akhdar also manages to give us a glimpse into her personal life on Instagram, as she shares snippets of her daily life with her husband and son. From skiing and Christmas to trips and memories, we get to see up close one of the most influential women in Saudi Arabia in the field of luxury fashion live out her life. 

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