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Saudi Artists' Interpretations Of Earth Are On Display In Dhahran

On Thursday, a brand-new exhibition featuring 32 Saudi artists presenting their interpretations and connections to Earth via various mediums and styles got underway in Dhahran. A committee of experts chose the greatest works of art from among those submitted by participants, invited artists, and those who replied to Ithra's open invitation.

Ithra's "From Earth" show, which is presented in partnership with the Dammam Culture and Arts Organization, a division of the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts, centers on how each artist views the rich natural history and various topography of Saudi Arabia. The work combines several mediums, plastic art, installations, sculptures, serial art, photography, and Arabic calligraphy.

The exhibit is set up in a meticulously organized labyrinth, leading from the museum's entrance to gallery two. Arab News quoted Farah Abushullaih, Ithra's head of museums, as saying, “It’s a nice mix between the open call artists and a few commissioned artists who are top tier that we wanted to create the dialogue between the emerging and established artists.”

According to Abushullah, the artists' caliber and professionalism went above and beyond their expectations. “Compared to what we’ve seen a few years before in terms of emerging artists, you can tell that they have done their homework. They’ve researched the topics extremely well. The quality of the production of the work is at a very high standard. And then thankfully, we had no problems whatsoever with the quality of installations,” she said.

Abushullaih's thoughts were mirrored by Yousef Al-Harbi, the director of the Dammam Cultural and Arts Society, a collaborator with Ithra on this exhibition. He expressed his admiration for the artists present on opening night and offered his congratulations. He said, “The exhibition carries many concepts, symbols, and connotations that have influential and motivational aspects. Earth is the concept, idea and symbol, which artists choose to explore as it encourages them to passionately excel creatively, as well as pay tribute to their own roots to progress forward. The artists use Earth as an inspiration to promote a sense of belonging to the land and its details which are reflected within and which they carry wherever they go.”

With the purpose of fostering conversation and teamwork, the exhibition will host workshops, local assemblies, training sessions, and lectures.

Until August 9, visitors may enjoy the exhibition from 9 am to 10 pm.

Tickets may be purchased via the Ithra website or app. For those with the art and premium memberships, admission is free.

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