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Arab Jewelry Designers And The Rise Of Emerging Labels

There’s no such thing as having too much jewelry. Truth be told some of the best jewelry designers in the world are at your doorstep. Arab designers have been pushing the boundaries and emerging labels are on the rise in the Middle East. Discover our sparkling collection of homegrown brands in the slide show.

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Donna Hourani

Fine jewelry designer Donna Hourani specializes in sleek, feminine designs that transition well from day to night. “It” jewelry label of the moment, most famous for her popular, mismatched earrings, seen on influencers Karen Wazen and Dana Hourani.

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Gaelle Khouri

The jewelry designs of Lebanese designer Gaelle Khouri are founded on philosophical ideas, having deeper symbolic meanings than their outward look.

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Hamda Abdulla Fine Jewelry

This Emirati designer's creations, are interesting and insightful, illustrating the promise of an exciting new Dubai based brand, which range from lotus-shaped bracelets to floating rings that are both bold and delicate.

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Lana Al Kamal

Lana Al Kamal, based in Dubai, uses 18k gold to create her complex pieces. Her exquisite works include anything from Arabic calligraphy to modern geometric designs. She annually creates stunning Ramadan designs.

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Le Trezor

Aysha Aldhaheri founded her own jewelry line, Le Trezor, at the age of 18 in keeping with her love of jewelry and the creative heritage of her family. Le Trezor, an Abu Dhabi-born company, takes pride in its fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Le Trezor's bijoux are painstakingly made with priceless stones and are intended for women who aren't hesitant to display their individuality.

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Nijoud Jewelry

Nijoud Jewelry, an Emirati brand, makes jewelry for ladies who desire to express themselves. Nijoud Jewelry is characterized by edgy yet exquisite geometric shapes and lines that allow the wearer to shine. Based on the principle of mindful consumerism, the jewelry is created by using reusable materials

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Noor Fares

Noor Fares makes jewelry "with a soul" using stones that have historic connotations. The Lebanese jewelry designer believes that gemstones have magical properties and her elaborate, talismanic motifs in her pieces are a reflection of this idea.

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Ruwaya, created by Fatima Al Dhaheri, features precious stones in fine 18k-gold settings, a jewelry line that honors the illustrious history of Arabic mythology.

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The charitable jewelry company uSfuur, founded by Syrian-born Yara Tlass and located in Dubai, has teamed up with Watanili to contribute a portion of each purchase's proceeds to refugee populations in need. Collections from uSfuur provide contemporary, exquisite gold creations.

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