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The Female Art Leader Shaping The UAE’s Art Landscape

She is nurturing the next generation of artists

Anastasia Kopijevski is a seasoned art consultant who is utilising her diverse international experience to reignite the UAE’s art scene with creative concepts while providing artists much-needed opportunities to boost their exposure and contribute to the region’s evolving art landscape.

Having understood art’s value in multiple segments through her varied professional experiences and upbringing, she identified a market gap in the local and regional art sector’s dynamic operations and growing affection for artistic presence. Consequently, she made it her mission to contribute to the transformation of the local art industry and support artists by increasing their visibility and nurturing their talent.

Anastasia was introduced to art from a very young age by her father, an avid art collector. The essence of their quality time was gallery strolling and hunting for treasured art pieces at antique shops around Europe, hence developing a strong love for art history.

With a degree in business/economics and hospitality, she Initially pursued a role in the banking industry with Advantage One, a USA-based credit union and correspondent lender. Having gained investment and client asset management expertise, she soon recognized how art and finance were closely related and left her secure position to pursue her passion for art. This time, she completed a course in Curating from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

Soon after, she took an opportunity to work within the interior design group at Interni, a luxury furniture showroom based out of Miami’s Design District. Harnessing her creative skills, Anastasia was able to incorporate her love for art into designs well received by clients.

Building a professional reputation, she went on to open another showroom and specialised in luxury décor for high-net-worth individuals, boutique stores, and hotels further harnessing her consultancy and client servicing skills. She would also partner up with galleries for projects and use their space to promote the artists she represented and their work.

Before transitioning fully into the art industry, Anastasia also dabbled in the New York fashion industry in 2013 as a creative director for a casual wear line. This experience offered her the opportunity to work with textures and other mixed mediums commonly found in contemporary art, offering additional insight.

Combining her expertise across banking, investments, design, and consultancy, Anastasia wanted to create a concept that utilised her skill sets and connections while also supporting the art industry.

Upon relocating to Dubai in 2016, when the UAE’s art and creative scene was undergoing tremendous growth, Anastasia capitalised on this opportunity and founded Skaya Art Agency.

Since its inception, the firm has established a reputation as a leading specialty art consultancy covering multiple aspects of the industry. Fulfilling a need for the UAE’s growing art scene, Skaya Art Agency’s services include artist development, exhibition planning, logistics, and execution, collection management, and advisory services. They are also leveraging their network to organise art collections for interior design projects. Moreover, Skaya’s work has contributed immensely to building artist recognition where several emerging artists have quickly progressed to secure deals, showcase their work and be represented by prominent international galleries.

Anastasia is currently involved in all aspects of the business including marketing and sales planning, artist placement with suitable galleries, organising art fairs, arranging private viewings and more. She works alongside her sister, Natalia, who joined in 2017 as an art curator and advisor.

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