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This Qatari Designer Is After Empowering Arab Women With Her Modernized Abayas

The ready-to-wear brand 1309 Studios, which was established by businesswoman Ghada Al-Subaey in Qatar, has recently attracted the attention of a few international celebrities. Among them is the Argentinian model Georgina Rodriguez, who appeared at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Doha wearing one of Al-Subaey's abayas.

According to Al-Subaey, one of the main objectives of her brand is to update the conventional abaya. A modern bohemian style serves as the foundation of 1309 Studios. The brand's core is a simple, feminine aesthetic that combines seasonal trends with authentic Qatari characteristics.

The company is known for its simple lines, striking hues, artistic designs, and well-thought-out details. To produce items with a modern edge, the designer looks to art, nature, and world culture. She operated a modest company from home prior to the debut of her brand in 2015, relying on word of mouth to raise awareness of her creations.

At 1309, which is a reference to her mother's birthdate, they are of the opinion that the world doesn't need yet another fashion company that adds to the hazardous waste produced by the fashion industry. Fashion companies instead need to embrace ethical work practices and demonstrate strong social and environmental responsibility.

1309, the only ready-to-wear company in Qatar, pushes both sustainability and style. It uses zero waste procedures, biodegradable packaging, and vegan fabrics. Al Subaey's vision is to empower the Arab woman. The ready-to-wear designers are often extremely Western, and the abaya designers tend to be highly traditional. While 1309 aims to comprehend and create clothing for today's contemporary Arab women.

Al-Subaey strives to expand her brand on a worldwide scale. She wants to eliminate the stigma associated with abayas, elevate them to the same level of respect as kimonos, and encourage people all over the world to don them as a fashion statement rather than just to conceal their bodies. Al-Subaey told Arab News, “I would love for my ideas and inspiration to create change. Whether it is about applying sustainable approaches in our work or utilizing environmentally friendly packaging, I want the brand to continue to make a positive impact toward the community.

“I would like to expand globally and represent the Arab world in a global fashion space,” she added.

Creations by Al-Subaey are handmade in Qatar and sold in shops in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Qatar in addition to being exported globally.

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