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The Ultimate List: 10 Best Artisanal Abaya Brands in KSA

When it comes to abayas, Saudi designers have truly placed their mark on the fashion and craftsmanship scene. They have reinvented and reworked the classic shapes and colors, while still keeping the same elegance and regality of the traditional Abaya. Let’s take a look together at some of the best brands and designers that are currently molding the Abaya fashion scene in Saudi Arabia. Here is our ultimate list:

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Translating to “Arabic” and referring to the Arab woman, Areebh is an up and coming Saudi-based brand. Their collections are fashion and style centric, with quite some color blocking and abstract patterns in their designs. Her unique designs imbue modernity that very difficult to overlook. Bottom line: if you’re wearing an Areebh abaya, you’re making a statement.

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Kharaz’s reputation precedes itself with the superb quality and fits their abayas have. The designs are simple and perfect for anyone who is looking to add a bit of pattern to their look, without being too out there. It’s a celebration of the classic silhouette with charming little details or brighter colors. Their prices are accessible as well considering their excellent quality and bespoke designs.

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A high-end abaya brand that exclusively sells at Homegrown, a local marketplace for Saudi Arabian brands. Their designs are minimal yet beautiful in their shapes and quality, perfecting the comfortable chic look to the last detail. Some of Catara’s abayas boast of Japanese silk, which is mesmerizing to the touch. One of their latest creations is an olive-green piece, and it is definitely on our wish list.

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Aseel Collection

Founded by Saudi designers, Aseel & Suha AlZamil, Aseel Collection puts a twist on your favorite traditional wear. With exaggerated sleeves, artisanal embroidery, and their signature plisse material, Aseel Collection abaya is bound to make a mark. Some of their abayas can be paired with a veil that compliments the piece so beautifully. You will often see their pieces worn by high profile personality at national events such as the Saudi Cup.

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As light as air, Thaa’s abayas boast of linen material that feels so weightless and breezy. The embroidered roses are the first thing people will notice when you rock a Thaa abaya. The designs are so chic yet simple that they make for the perfect youthful touch. The brand has been seeing more and more popularity with the past year, and we can definitely see why: the tactility and charm of their designs and material is hard to resist.

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Orange Blossom

If you want to start collecting some of the best abayas brands, you’ll need to put this brand on your radar, because when you buy an Orange Blossom piece, you’re keeping it forever and you’re wearing it all year long. This Saudi-based brand gives its customers freedom to choose from a variety of styles and patterns making it the go-to brand for many people. From craft to taffeta, their materials are also endless giving you warmth in cold weather, and lightness in hotter ones.

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Linen Loft

Although based in Saudi Arabia, Linen Loft offers Italian abayas. Having both the Saudi design school of thought and the Italian craftmanship – quite the killer combo - Linen Loft creates limited edition collections. That means when the collection is sold out, it’s done for this year. Right now, her 2022 collection is sold out, so keep an eye out for this year’s launch.

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A decade ago, Saudi designer Nora Aldamer created Chador when she found an unserved need in the market: traditional abayas with top notch standards. So, Chador was founded and is still thriving with its classic and sophisticated designs. No wonder the Saudi-based brand has gathered such a fanbase, as every piece whispers understated luxury and elegance.

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Samah Abayas

Samah Abayas is one of the many brands that made a buzz in the 100 Saudi Brands exhibition. Their designs are timeless yet highly aesthetic with varying elements such as embroidered motifs spanning all across the abayas or sewn details all along the sleeves. The brand is by Saudi designer, Samah Khashoggi who believe in everlasting chicness, as visibility depicted in her collections.

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Moja Majka

Created by Saudi mother-daughter designer duo, Moja Majka actually translates to “My Mother” in Montenegrin. This brand’s collections are referred to as kaftans, but with diversity and versatility at the heat of Moja Majka, the kaftans can also be worn as abayas – dressed up or down depending on your event. This Saudi-based brand is committed to creating style that makes a statement wherever they may go, in both quality and stylishness.

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