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Riyadh Is Hosting The 2nd Edition Of The Digital Cooperation Organization’s General Assembly

The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) is set to host its second General Assembly in Riyadh. The event will gather the DCO member states to discuss strategic directions and initiatives to enable digital prosperity for all nations.

The organization took to Twitter to share, “The 2nd General Assembly aims to address challenges associated with the cross-border expansion of the digital economy and facilitate dialogues to promote more cooperation to achieve digital prosperity for all.”

The ministers representing the DCO member states, along with high-level delegations from DCO observers and representatives from guest countries and international organizations, will also discuss the state of the digital economy as well as the obstacles faced by the nations in achieving equitable global digital growth and development.

The secretary general of the Digital Cooperation Organization, Deemah Al-Yahya, said in a released statement, “Digital technologies have immense potential to transform economies and empower groups, including women and entrepreneurs with new opportunities, especially (given) that 70 percent of the new value created in the global economy over the next decade will be based on digitally enabled platforms. So, it is of critical importance that all nations have the same ability to leverage the power of digitalization to achieve their goals.” She continued, “The DCO was formed to accelerate digital transformation through collaboration and knowledge sharing among all stakeholders to empower nations to develop strategies and programs to drive their own digital development and equally participate in the global digital economy.”

The international organization was originally founded to help accomplish social prosperity and growth by combining efforts to promote interest in the digital economy and this general assembly will be the first ever in-person meeting of the member states.

The global digital organization was established in 2020 by seven member states — Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia — and has recently added Morocco, Djibouti, Cyprus and Rwanda to its member nations.

Al Yahya added, “I am very pleased that the ministers from DCO member states will convene in Riyadh, the headquarters of the DCO, for the second General Assembly to mark two years of progress toward the DCO’s goals, and to continue the discussions on how we can achieve digital prosperity for all in collaboration with our international observers from the ecosystem stakeholders representing the private sector, academia, think tanks and civil society organizations.”

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