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Etro Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Two Genderless Fragrances

Etro celebrates the modern meaning of love – boundless and inclusive - with two gender fluid fragrances created with exclusive accords and accents that appeal to every sense. Via Verri and Etra enclose a shared message of freedom as each distinctive blend conjures up beautiful images of wild forests and blooming meadows.

VIA VERRI Eau de Toilette
The electrifying vibes of the Milan fashion district, paired with the solemn silence of its hidden courtyards, inspire a stylish fragrance that slowly reveals itself in a sensuous crescendo of opulent petals, luminous shades and spicy flavors. Soft and unexpected, Via Verri is reminiscent of the name of the first Etro perfume store celebrating the House’s endless passion and creativity.

ETRA Eau de Toilette
A joyful and enthusiastic fragrance blending mythological fascination and modern beauty through an exquisite oriental woody composition. With its soft and warm heart accord, framed by floral notes, spicy accents and sweet evocations, Etra appeals to all senses leaving a lasting impression of optimism and vitality.

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