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6 Of The Hottest MENA Influencer Couples Right Now

You know what is an even bigger phenomenon than influencers? Their partners. With the trends of documenting wedding journeys, “how we meet” stories, fun vacations, and more, they allow us to step into their lives, just for a little bit.

Even so, certain brands look for influencer couples for their campaigns. A great example of that would be Tamara Kalinic, a Milan-based global influencer.

Tamara had always kept her partner aways from the Instagram posts, until the day she collaborated with heritage luxury brand Audemars Piguet on an advert where she debuted her partner for the time.


A post shared by Tamara Kalinic (@tamara)

The campaign garnered an immense amount of attention online and made headlines with “Tamara Kalinic Boyfriend Reveal.” With that being said, let’s look at our favorite MENA influencer couples that are absolute killing the game. 

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Tracy Harmoush and Wael Ariss

We’ve followed Tracy and Wael’s journey from the start until he proposed to her during dinner one day in her apartment (yes, we follow their every move). Coming from a background of production, fitness, and just impactful human-centric communication, the coupled is so authentic and fun to watch.

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Rania Fawaz and Sammer Sommers

The coolest couple on the block, period. Rania Fawaz and Sammer Sommers recently got married, and they still have that edge they’ve always had. With the outfits, and the impeccable vibes we see online, we just know this couple is fun to hang out with.

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Dima Sheikhly and Mohamad Naamani

Now this couple is quite lowkey, and Iraqi influencer Dima Sheikhly rarely posts photos of them. We got to see their beautiful relationship most when they got married in a heritage Lebanese house the past year.

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Nadya Hasan and Wiktor Gniewek

Dubai-based creator Nadya Hasan tied the knot with Polish entrepreneur Wiktor Gniewek recently, and their wedding took over socials. We follow them for the old-school glam look they have and the fun vacations they go on.

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Karen Wazen and Elie Bekhazi

The Bekhazis have taken over many industries from fashion to venture capitalism. Karen actually opened a company with her husband recently and together, they are slowly taking over the world. We love a power couple!

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Nojoud Al Rumaihi and Abdullah Al Rasheed

Although quite private, Saudi influencer Nojoud Al Rumaihi has recently been showing us glimpses of her relationship, and it’s been great to watch her explore the world and go through amazing experiences with her husband.

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