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Makkah Houses The Longest Calligraphic Mural in The Kingdom

Breaking yet another world record, KSA houses the world’s longest calligraphic mural, 75 meters long. Located on the road leading to Makkah’s Grand Mosque, the mural boasts large letters adorned with stunning colors. Other parts of the artwork showcases vibrant heritage buildings and windows. Experience this type of art that is refreshing to the soul on your way to the holy sites.

Amal Felemban is the artist behind the mural and spoke to Arab News about her thought process behind the masterpiece. She said, “In the modern era, they brighten up streets and cover some of the ugliness of the gray buildings ... (and) my mural tells the story of the urban heritage in the holy capital, as it received a wonderful echo of this authentic Hijazi art, and it is different from the rest of the murals near large mosques.”

She also talks about how her message behind the mural does not reflect “letter or poetic verses” but depicts the real, authentic, urban culture of KSA. This approach offers a fresh perspective on art in the holy city, which often gives a nod to historic poems Felemban mentions earlier.

She continues to talk about her audience, and what she wants them to take out of this record-holding artwork, “Many pilgrims do not have a sufficient knowledge about Saudi Arabia, nor about our culture and civilization, so we need to show it through arts, murals and sculptures Millions of visitors from all over the world will flock to our beloved Kingdom, which requires us to show our heritage and culture properly.”

This piece is not the first to debut in Makkah, as the holy city is dotted with an array of monuments and sculptures. These artworks come as a part of a municipal official initiative to enhance the city’s aesthetic while also reflecting Saudi heritage and culture for pilgrims that visit annually.

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