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Saudi Ceramic Lovers, Here's Your Next Pottery Making Workshop

The Ceramic Cooperative Society is a for-profit organization that aims to revitalize the pottery and ceramics industries in Saudi Arabia. Their main objective was to answer the need and demands of the Saudi market while actively engaging in the development of the local talent community. In other words, they are helping and preparing talent to create various products for the ceramic industry.

Their main line of business is through the implementation of projects and training programs by professionals. They want to achieve expertise and governance in the profession of pottery, and be able to create profitable businesses between the association and stakeholders through training the talent.

The Ceramic Cooperative Society hosts various workshops either in collaboration with local professionals or though other entities, and the coolest thing is that anyone can sign up. The workshops are interactive and group-led, so you will be able to converse with other people in the room while you create your masterpiece.

With the drive of keeping the potters' skills alive, the ownership of the ceramic art profession stays rooted in the kingdom within the youth of the kingdom. As it is an important part of Saudi Arabia’s culture and heritage, and with the modernization of the machinery, they don’t want to lose the human touch of a potter.

With their trainings, the association is able to create effective collaborations, skill exchange, and host specialized exhibits to showcase this talent. That means if you do participate in a workshop, your pieces might have the chance to be showcased as part of a gallery or exhibition later on.

Nurturing the local Saudi talent is important and so the association offers other types of workshops and training programs that cover various specialized areas, so you are not just learning how to do pottery, but you are acquiring the skills of building a business such as strategic planning, software adoption, marketing, and more.

These trainings are hosted by professionals in the field and include methods for achieving quality performance and modern training trends that utilize technology in an immersive experience. Think of it as a bootcamp for aspiring potters! 

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