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Hair Colour Upgrade: The Tiger Eye Dye Is Perfect For Autumn

The inviting golden hues of tiger eye hair are perfect for brunettes with warm complexions.

Every autumn we find ourselves dashing to the salon wanting to kick off the new season with a colour that’s ideal for those cooler months. If you’re in a tizzy about how you’re going to rock a new look, we’ve got you covered if your hair is dark.

The tiger eye dye is one of 2017’s biggest hair trends. What’s more, honey-hued highlights will always be timeless for brunettes, making tiger eye hair the perfect choice if your base colour is in that family. Inspired by the tiger eye stone, an ancient stone which has healing properties, it is a beautiful blend of warm and golden tones like honey, caramel, mocha, gold, hazel nut, toffee and warm blondes that makes dark hair pop. This mix of shades also helps to fashion the same multi-dimensional look that is synonymous with the stone. 

Compared to other subtle ombré fades and highlight methods, it’s a darker version of ecaille, and the warm and golden tones are blended through strands using a technique that is very similar to balayage. It is also likened to balayage because it is marked by darker roots that fade into lighter ends.

Customising Your Tiger Eye Dye

Since it requires blending in so many shades together, it is advisable to go to a professional hair colourist for the perfect tiger eye dye. To create a truly customised look with the highlights and lowlights, take a picture that shows exactly how you envision the end result. And by discussing things through with the colourist, the odds of being disappointed are reduced. As a rule of thumb, the professionals at L'Oréal Paris guide by noting deep bronzes and honey golds look great on women with warm undertones, while icy, neutral shades are better suited for women with cool undertones. Another professional, Honey Artists hairstylist Corey Tuttle, told Byrdie she advises asking the colourist for "hand-painted caramel highlights paired with a warm or dark chocolate base."

Maintaining the Look

Since the roots are not necessarily dyed and the work is concentrated on the lower half of your hair, the tiger eye dye grows out impeccably. What’s more, that means you don’t have to worry about frequent follow-ups and salon visits. However, since your hair is colour treated, it’s best to invest in shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made for colour treated tresses. Plus, it’s better to avoid rinsing in very hot water, which can rob your hair of essential oils. Heat tools can also damage hair. Since tiger eye hair looks fabulous with natural curves and waves anyway, perhaps spritzing on some mousse and letting your hair dry naturally is the best way to style that fabulously coloured hair. 

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