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Check Out The Malone Souliers And Emily In Paris Collab

Everyone has mixed feelings about famed Netflix show, Emily in Paris, and, whether you love it or hate it, one thing is for sure, you watched it and most definitely discussed the fashions, which is why luxury shoe and accessories label, Malone Souliers have launched the Emily in Paris X Malone Souliers collaboration.

As we can all relate, finding the perfect pair of heels can be quite the arduous task at times - especially when it comes to finding a comfortable and stylish pair, which is where the Emily in Paris X Malone Souliers capsule collection swoops in and offers a flawless shoe selection. Fashion is a key feature on the show, and there is no fashion without the perfect pair of stilettos.

The collection features an exceptional selection of styles inspired by the characters from the show. Each shoe brings a different character to life that embodies the spirit and stylish joie de vivre from the show. For women, the shoes are inspired by the iconic Parisian trio: Emily, Mindy and Camille.

The Emily is inspired by main character, Emily Cooper. She is a sophisticated yet strong-willed woman who is constantly on the go, and as we know, forever in a love triangle of sorts. The shoes take inspiration from her character, with a selection of flats and heels. These shoes take center stage in the Emily in Paris x Malone Souliers collection with the new dazzling silhouettes that sets them apart from the rest. The styles encompass Emily Cooper’s striking sense of fashion and all the bright colors that feature on the show. The D’Orasy flat black mesh pumps are ideal for those with busy schedules, just like Emily Cooper, while the pop of pink enhances the look and making them the perfect flats for any occasion.

Emily Cooper’s best friend Mindy, features in the collection with glamorous pairs of shoes. The Mindy takes inspiration from the character’s signature fashion sense and her love for performing on stage. The Mindy Mule Pink Napa encompass her fashionable yet energetic lifestyle with the two shades of pink.

Lastly, Emily’s confidante and tour guide to all things French, Camille, has a sophisticated yet edgy style with the Red Black Cotton Tweed Pumps. The Camille Yellow Tweed Platform heels emphasize the fabulous Parisian fashion.

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