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This Dubai-Based Platform Helps Emerging Artists Sell Their Work

Gone are the days when artists were limited to physical galleries and art fairs to showcase and sell their creations. Meet POPC, an online marketplace that is helping artists sell their work all year long.

This idea came from one of the founders of the company, when they realized that apart from the short physical events created for artists, there was no platform for them to have exposure for the rest of the year.


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One of the biggest advantages of POPC for artists is their ability to reach a wider audience and allow them to showcase their work to a global audience, increasing their chances of finding buyers and collectors.This comes in handy especially for emerging artists who may not have the same level of exposure as more established artists.


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On their website, users can scan the different categories ranging from t-shirts, outerwear, accessories, collectibles, caps, and more. They even have dedicated seasonal collections, with engaging hooks like, “Did someone say holiday sleigh?”


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This comes hand in hand with the company’s fun persona as Haroon Tahir, one of the co-founders said to Arab News, “Compared to regional competitors, we’re always focused on art that’s fun, relatable, and quirky. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

Another cool aspect of this online marketplaces is the cost-effectiveness, as the different artists can sell their pieces on POPC without any joining cost, even the production and shipping is covered by the marketplace.


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This allows artists to keep more of their profits and invest in their craft while sparing the high fees for space rental and commissions on sales. Tahir speaks on that to Arab News, stating that, “The problem with international marketplaces that we saw were that you needed a US, or UK, or global bank account and a global shipping address to be able to sell and that was a huge detriment to all the artists that we were speaking to.”

POPC also provides artists with a platform to build their brand and establish their reputation, especially if you’re a small-time creator. By creating an online presence, artists can showcase their portfolio, build a loyal following and establish themselves as a sought-after creative.

We’re already scanning the website for our next fun buy, what about you? 

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