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Arab Musical Icons Will Perform In Al Ula

Classical music legends of the Arab world are set to participate in two intimate performances in Saudi Arabia’s Al Ula – and include the likes of Iraqi star Kadhim Al-Sahir, Lebanese pianist Guy Manoukian and Spanish violinist virtuoso Ara Malikian.

Al-Sahir, the “Caesar of Arabic music,” is performing in Maraya tonight (19th January 2023), the world’s largest mirrored building set in the desert canyon of Ashar Valley, and renowned Lebanese pianist Guy Manoukian will team up with iconic Spanish violinist Ara Malikian for a unique concert under the stars in a clear night sky, the following week at Al UlA Old Town on 26th January 2023.

“Eid Al Ashaq” star Al-Sahir is a singer, poet and composer who has sold well over 100 million albums worldwide. Speaking about his performance in the historic site, he said, “Playing Al Ula is a special occasion for me – it is one of the world’s most unique and beautiful locations and this incredible setting gives us all a wonderful chance to connect with the power of music. Performing at Maraya in front of my fans will be a special highlight in my career.”

World famous musician, Guy Manoukian has amassed an incredible international following and fan base, and the pianist is looking forward to performing a special concert with Malikian, a Spanish violinist virtuoso of Lebanese origin and Armenian descent.

“There are few places as majestic or unique as the historical village of AlUla Old Town, anywhere in the world, and we look forward to putting on a special show which fits in with the full calendar of cultural events that are helping to create incredible memories at this wonderful location,” said Manoukian in a released statement.

Violin pro, Ara Malikian added, “Performing at Al Ula is a real privilege and I look forward once again to being part of a truly magical moment at Al Ula Old Town with a wonderful audience in a special setting. Al Ula is an incredible location and an important location in Saudi’s ever growing cultural offering. It is an honor to be part of this country’s musical and artistic journey.” 

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