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The Perfume Exhibition In Riyadh Featured Delectable Fragrances

The city's second Perfume Expo is now taking place at Riyadh Front and presenting a wonderful mix of well-known and up-and-coming brands. The event, began on December 24 and will go through January 9.

It has drawn in those looking for distinctive, potent, and enduring scents due to the inclusion of various social media influencers and celebrities. It is also giving individuals in the sector, especially those operating on their own and online, business prospects.

Customers appear to prefer purchasing perfume in-person over online given the amazing deals and discounts they can obtain; this is one of the disadvantages of e-commerce in the present era. Online retailers could also misrepresent fragrance notes, making it difficult for customers to recognize the perfume.

Sara Al-Dughaiman, owner of the online business September, told Arab News that her clientele substantially grew as a result of her participation. Al-Dughaiman, a chemist, ensures that her products are appropriate for all skin types. Her line of 14 items includes two fragrances, and three body care packages comprising a body soufflé, scrub, shower gel, and body and hair spray. Natural oils from the UK, French scents, and South African Shea butter make up September's ingredients. L'Epi and Porrima are the names of her two fragrances; L'Epi includes notes of orange flower and fresh peaches, while Porrima has a tonka, cinnamon, and vanilla scent.

Arabian fragrances, which are prized for their distinctive and heady notes, are notably present at the expo, but manufacturers have made an effort to meet everyone's demands by blending and experimenting with various scents.

Another exhibitor, Greenwich Perfumery, has observed an increase in customer purchases during exhibitions as opposed to online. Mohammed Al-Saif, a sales agent for the business, explained to Arab News the concept behind Greenwich where each distinctive perfume is inspired by the aroma of the city that bears the same name. The three most popular scents provided are Havana, London, and Lisbon. With notes of tobacco, sandalwood, and bergamot, Havana perfume is a byproduct of the well-known Cuban cigar industry. Their scents are created using only Spanish and French natural oils.

At the event, 300 vendors are offering more than 100 different varieties of fragrances. The manufacturing process for fragrances is also demonstrated in a tiny factory.

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