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The UAE’s Great Outdoors: 5 Activities To Try Now

There is no better season than winter in the UAE. Not just a country known for its fast paced and highly social cities and skyscrapers, but also one with undeniable outdoor beauty and nature to be enjoyed in cooler temperatures.

Winter in the UAE doesn’t last long, so you might want to make haste with your plans to spend more time outdoors and get stuck into any (or all) of these fun activities in the country’s great outdoors!

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Go Stargazing at the Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre

The stars at night are a sight to behold, especially in a sky that is clear of any pollution and on the outskirts of Dubai, in the middle of Mushrif Park, there is a great spot to watch any celestial event. The Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre has one of the largest telescopes in the region that has a one-metre diameter mirror. Visitors can book a session at the centre and be shown how to use a telescope to observe the night sky. The centre also offers a solar observation experience for those who wish to use a telescope to look for Sunspots and Solar flares on the surface of the star.

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Learn How To Go Freediving

It’s a daunting thought to go diving without an oxygen tank – but its not impossible! Why not face your fears and take up a new challenge to start the new year? Its not as hard as it sounds as they say that anyone can learn how to free dive and learn how to hold their breath for long periods of time under water – just need a little training! Freediving UAE offers people who are interested the opportunity to learn how to freedive, and obtain a qualification in it! They also run depth trips every weekend, pool training during the weekdays and introductory to advanced freediving courses every week.

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Dine In The Sky

Dinner in the Sky is one of Dubai’s most unique experiences. It consists of being suspended 50 meters in the air by crane, secured into a seat around a table with safety belts. Guests are then served a three course dinner with a stunning view of Dubai’s cityscape. The dinner lasts 90 minutes and 22 people can be accommodated for this exciting experience. Word of warning: don’t look down.

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Go Glamping

Abu Dhabi’s camping experience located in the remote neigbourhood of Al Mugheirah, Al Mirfa is the ideal getaway. It is run by Bab Al Nojoum who run the operations on Hudayriyat Island where you can try a variety of outdoor activities such as tree planting, kite flying, fishing, horse riding, falconry, take craft classes, snorkel, explore the mangrove, hiking, biking, yoga, swimming, watersports, futsal, board games, and so much more. There are even expert guided tours. There are one bedroom and two bedroom cabins plus RV campers so you can invite your friends accordingly!

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Falconry is one of the UAE’s most prized traditions and if you’re interested in learning more about the culture and its roots, you can attend a falconry show. Falconry is art for Emiratis. They take good care of the falcons while training them to form an everlasting bond and in 2016, UNESCO added falconry to their list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. You can get up close and personal with these majestic birds and learn about falconry techniques, watch displays of these birds in action, and handle the birds directly – all in a beautiful desert location. Most desert safari experiences offer a chance to discover falconry, although there is another way to meet these beautiful birds of prey. Close to Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the world’s largest and most advanced falcon hospital. Its highlights include a falcon display museum as well as a facility home to free-flying falcons. Guided tours of this award-winning specialist hospital are available and highly recommended. Visit the luxurious wards where the birds are kept, explore the museum that gives insights into the noble desert sport of falconry, and even try your hand at the sport in the hospital’s lush gardens.

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