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Riyadh Season Exceeds 10 Million Visitors

In less than three months, the Riyadh Season 2022 visitor count has surpassed 10 million.

Through its numerous events, which began on October 21, 2022, the massive event with the theme "Beyond Imagination" has successfully attracted guests of all ages from within Saudi Arabia and outside the Kingdom.

The events of this season have captured the interest of visitors from a variety of demographics, including fans of games, culture, fashion, and more.

The guests to Riyadh Season 2022 relished the wide range of entertainment alternatives and spectacular displays that were spread across the restaurants, cafes, music, games, culture, heritage, fashion, and perfumes.

The Boulevard World, the largest area in the Riyadh Season, which is 1.2 km long and features 10 pavilions from 10 important nations reflecting diversity from all over the world, was also introduced during this season.

In addition to hosting sporting events like WWE, Riyadh Season 2022 has distinguished itself by incorporating 15 entertainment venues, including the largest man-made lake in the world, cable car transportation, and cloud-embracing lounges.

This is in addition to holding local and international exhibitions, concerts, Arabic and international theater performances, international Cirque du Soleil performances, and fireworks displays. 

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