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It Snowed In Saudi Arabia This Week & Everyone Lost Their Minds

The past Sunday, snow started to fall on the summits of Jabal Al Lawz, a mountain situated in Saudi Arabia near the Jordanian border. As the winds picked up and the snow blanketed the whole area, hundreds of photos flooded social media. The stunning scenery boasted of white landscapes casing the peaks in Tabuk.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as on the past Monday National Centre of Meteorology notified the residents of Tabuk that snowfall may happen, and even issued security warnings as the weather picked up.

Located in Tabuk, Jabal AL Lawz is 2,549 meters high, and is the area that snows in Saudi Arabia. Temperatures do drop below 0ºC in Tabuk, however it does not always snow the way it did the past week.

The Governorate of Turaif even recorded the lowest temperature in the country, almost 10ºC lesser than the rest of the kingdom! In past, the temperatures used to drop to -12ºC.

As the snow continued to cascade the entire area all through the nights, the splendid panorama was hypnotizing to many people. Both residents and visitors were seen with their camera phone in awe recording the snow as it fell on the beautiful vast planes. What is particularly striking about this scene is that it is untouched and unbothered by a congestion of cars or building - just a white infinite sea in sight.

We know what you’re thinking by now: skiing time! Well hold to your seats just a bit more because your adrenaline filled weekend of glazing the slopes just might come true.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced Trojena, which is a year-round mountain destination that will be part of the grandiose Saudi city that is NEOM. Trojena will host music festival, winter fashion weeks, skiing, skateboarding, ice skating and more winter centric activities.

When finalized in 2026, Trojena would be the first outdoor skiing destination in the Gulf area and will also be the venue for the 2029 Asian Winter Games. Exciting, right?

Well, let’s just back into the present and check out some of our favorite shots of the snow in Saudi Arabia:

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