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Saudi Design Festival to Kick Off in 2023

As reported by Arab News, one of the 11 commissions under the Ministry of Culture, the Saudi Architecture and Design Commission, has announced plans to hold the second Saudi Design Festival from January 12 through 23.

This year's edition, which is being put together by the creative cultural consultant &bouqu, will be the largest ever, introducing a new vision and framework for the festival, with a variety of events and activations that honor both domestic and foreign design.

The Saudi Architecture and Design Commission's CEO, Sumayah Al-Solaiman, stated: “The Saudi Design Festival provides a platform for emerging and established designers, small and medium businesses, creatives and industry players to exchange knowledge, enable collaborations and find opportunities for growth and development.

“We’re excited to bring together designers from across the Kingdom and showcase their work. Together, we’re building a more advanced sector and making sure local talents are equipped with the tools and skills to succeed — that’s why the festival will be hosting discussions, workshops, masterclasses and networking sessions.”

Beginning on January 13–14, SDF 2023 will host a Design Forum and inaugural weekend at the Mohammed bin Salman Nonprofit City's City Hub in Riyadh. A variety of design-related subjects, including the impact of urban landscapes on quality of life, exporting culture through design, and creating better cities for the future, will be covered by eminent local and worldwide specialists.

Workshops will cover significant business themes like typography's role in graphic design and communication as well as sustainable design, creative entrepreneurship, and more. There will also be off-stage mentorship events, open call announcements, and exhibitors to visit in addition to the on-stage conversations.

With Design Destinations (Oud Square, The Boulevard Riyadh, and Gallery Design) and activations taking place in numerous venues throughout more than 40 locations in Riyadh, the festival promises participants and audiences a full calendar of events. The festival will also launch an online program, extending its regional and global reach.

Co-founder, CEO, and director of the SDF Basma Bouzo said: “Since we launched this festival, formerly known as Saudi Design Week, our aim has always been to give local designers and creatives a space where they can have constructive discussions and be heard across the region.

“As the sector evolves, the festival is changing too, enabling partners to contribute to the narrative and meet their ambition to grow the sector sustainably. Our mission this year is to show how design connects society and develop meaningful opportunities that last even after the event.”

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