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Al Murabba Wraps Up Riyadh Season With Unforgettable Taste

With Riyadh Season having one month left to (sadly) close its doors, Al Murabba wraps up its stay at the annual festival.

Having provided hospitality and culinary delights like no other, Al Murabba has been one of the most know zones in Riyadh Season. Throughout the event, it was creating unforgettable gastronomy experiences for visitors by offering 8 global cuisine, and 2 international cafes with Italian, French, Chinese, and Japanese touches.


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Some of the restaurants included Nakahara, a restaurant concept that elevates Japanese cuisine to another level by offering the art of cooking Japanese meat, for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

The Maine Mayfair was another hotspot located in Al Murabba, and if you’re a fan of with the glamorous cabaret-style interiors then you know this one for sure. The Maine celebrates the “revival of the historical townhouse that boast of New England extravagance.” And yes, the food matches the sophisticated descriptions.

Trattoria 13 Gobbi is a traditional Italian restaurant that serves some of the best dishes of Tuscany with a special, creative touch, compliments of the chef. Other well-known global spots included La California Café, Carbone, L’Eclair de Genie, and more.

Al Murabba also had entertainment on different stages in order to compliment the fine dining with a show. The whole experience was quite spectacular as it gave the opportunity for people to travel to several countries without leaving the kingdom.

Riyadh Season is one of the most anticipated events to happen annually in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It usually attracts visitors both locals and from abroad to experience various activities from food to fun.

With its title being “Beyond Imagination”, Riyadh Season blew this year out of the water. In all of the 15 zones, most of the activities organized place an emphasis on having a family-friendly atmosphere, while still offering the best of the best. Sensory in all its meaning, the festival managed to leave a mark on us this year with amazing visuals, food, and activities – even the staff was truly spectacular! We cannot wait until next year. 

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