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6 Arab-Owned Make-up and Skincare Brands To Buy This Holiday Season

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Arab-owned make up and skincare brands that should be on your wish list this festive season.

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Huda Beauty

Is there any makeup list complete without this OG power woman? Huda Beauty is brand founded by an Iraq-American woman. This multimillion-dollar beauty brand is based in Dubai and has an extensive line of amazing products. Their new gifting kits for the season are also super cute!

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MZN Bodycare

This Saudi, family-owned skincare brand is known for their natural products, that are all cruelty free and vegan. Their line of body care is all inspired (and created) by plants found in Saudi Arabia. The word MZN in the brand name actually stands for “the clouds before the rain” in Arabic, which is seen as a sign of profusion and blessings.

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Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics

A household name in the world of beauty, celebrity makeup artists founded his own line of makeup and since then the rest is history. Superb quality and beautiful shades, this beauty brand is known for its great application.

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izil Moroccan Beauty

This brand’s formulas are inspired by the sultry secrets of Moroccan beauty. Are you sold? Because we sure are. Their lines boast of natural products target dry skin, acne, oily sin, and dry hair. So, if you want to make your loved ones feel fresh this holiday, make sure to pick up one of their true-and-tried kits!

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Founded by Dr. Lamees Hamdan, Shiffa Beauty aims to create products that are 100% natural but still effective. This brand is the only luxury organic skincare brand designed by an expert in the field. It’s science, and it works!

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Founded by celebrity makeup artist Hindash, this brand is as flawless as its founder’s makeup skills. You can find your lipsticks, palettes, highlighters, eyeliners, and other products to complete the festive looks your friends are looking for.

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