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Check Out This Amazing Saudi Artist Showing Female Strength Through Art

Tagreed Al-Bagshi is a Saudi Arabian artist who just had her solo exhibition with 33 pieces of art being portrayed. This exhibition was held at the L’Art Pur Foundation in affiliate with Misk Art Week.

Other than being an artist, Al Bagshi is a contemporary, writer, and interested in philosophy. The artist is from Al-Ahsan, Eastern Saudi Arabia, and she began her artistic journey as a young child. Art is very important to her as she affirms that this design medium offers a platform for communicating with people and conveying feelings.

Titled, “Rings of Light”, Al-Bagshi’s intention behind her work centered around the development of Saudi Arabian women and their strength and perseverance throughout it all. Each of the 33 paintings echo a certain notion associated to personal familiarities and growth. They represent what Saudi women have achieved in the past and present.

This isn’t her first rodeo, as the Saudi artist has been hosting many art exhibitions for over 20 years, and this one is her 19th show.

The artist expressed in her own words the meaning behind the whole exhibition, “It is about the empowerment of Saudi women,” she spoke to Arab News.

“The empowerment that has taken place is not insignificant; the powers and abilities that have been given to women, as well as their achievements and honors for the homeland, are very great. Indeed, in the recent period, the Saudi woman has shown us that she is an honorable face of the homeland. At the same time, we see her able to be a mother, a wife and a worker,” she added to the news outlet.

Other parts of the exhibition also dealt with the pandemic and how the artist explored her solitude during the world-wide lockdowns that took over the world.

Two particular paintings we found to be quite interesting was the “Gold Shine” which depicts a scene of a lion donned with wings, while the other “Soft Power” paints a picture of seven black-dressed women with lions in front of them. This shows a “double entendre” of the fact that women hold the power of lions inside them, they just wait for the right moment to reflect this power.

“Rings of Light” opened its doors on the 6th of December, and will continue to be open until the 5th of January. 

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