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Saudi Arabia Is Where It’s At: 6 Million Tourists Spend SAR 27 Billion In The Kingdom

The numbers are in and according to a report released by the Ministry of Investment in Saudi Arabia, the number of foreign tourists who landed in the kingdom during Q2 of 2022 reached 3.6 million people. This new statistic showed a whopping increase from the last year, as the events, activities, and rich history of the country continue to attract travelers from all over.

The ministry also reported that the spending by tourists coming in from abroad increased to SAR 27 billion during the first half of the year 2022. These numbers were upped by 570% in 2022 Q2, as for domestic tourism it has increased by 31.5%.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the tourism sector boomed with the pandemic wrapping up and in parallel to the kingdom’s efforts in boosting local activities. As for the domestic tourism reported, the number was augmented by a 42.3%, noting 21.4 million individuals participating in local sight-seeing.

With new events and activities being organized on a frequent basis, there is always something to do in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. National seasons and festivals like Riyadh Season, Winter at Tantora, Boulevard City, Diriyah Season, Al Ula Moments, and many more, have succeeded in garnering attention not just regionally, but internationally as well.

With the complete kickstart of Saudi Vision 2030, many goals are centered around the objective of highlighting Saudi Arabia’s beauty, cuisine, heritage, scenery, and all the natural resources it has to offer.

The official website of Saudi Vision 2030 has a complete section on how the strategic initiatives the plan has are to re-shape the country’s travel and tourism sector.

The website talks about the beauty of the country, stating that, “As the birthplace of Islam, and a millennia-old crossroads of pilgrims and traders, the Kingdom’s rich culture and diverse heritage has no equal. Saudi Arabia is rich in heritage and history. The country is home to hundreds of historically important sites, spanning from the ruins of ancient towns to Jeddah’s magical Al Balad, and the spectacular beauty of AlUla, one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula.”

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