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6 Saudi Female Footballers To Support

With the World Cup 2022 in full swing, each of us are gathered around every day with friends and family to support our favorite teams and cheer them on. In light of all this hype surrounding this event, we found it only appropriate to give a shoutout to our favorite young Saudi female footballers, may we see them in the World Cup one day!

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Dalia Adel

Daila Adel is a footballer who plays for the Al Shabab Football club, she has also recently played in the Saudi Games with some of her colleagues. According to her Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of her idols. She plays forward in the national Saudi Arabian team.

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Hala Khashoggi

Hala Khashoggi plays for the Itihad national team in Saudi Arabia. Her team has won as Jeddah champions for the fourth time in a row this year. The athlete’s forte is not only kicking around the ball in this great game, but she is also a senior medical student. Double threat!

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Kawthar Khayyat

Kawthar Khayyat is a player for Al Nassr football team and a FIBA Coach. Her game is absolutely skillful. She was also a part in the Saudi Games where she was awarded a medal for her footwork. Away from the field, Kawthar is radiologist and a video gamer – yes, athletes have other lives too!

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Raghad Mukhayzin

A defender in a Saudi national team, Raghad Mukhayzin, is a one of the talented footballers in the kingdom. She is part of Al Shabab women’s football team and has played in various countries around the world.

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Farah Jefry

Farah’s resume is quite long as she is an Adidas MENA athlete, midfielder for the Itihad Ladies Club, Women’s National Team player, and 3-time WFL Jeddah champion. Farah is one of the young renowned female footballers in Saudi Arabia wit er name gracing many well-known publication and brand collaborations.

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Layan Jouhari

Layan Jouhari is the midfielder for the Itihad Ladies Club and one of star players on the team. Her approach for football is quite unique as she states on her social media channel, “The game is discipline, concentration and strategy, but what makes it the greatest game in the world is the fun and creativity that comes with it!”

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