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6 Saudi Female Leaders in Education

Here are the Saudi women who have held prominent positions in the educational and academic sector in the country whether public or private. Read on to see how they left their marks.

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Norah Al Faiz

Norah Al Faiz is the first woman in Saudi Arabia to occupy a cabinet-level office as the Vice Minister of Education from 2009 to 2015.

Al Faiz has received an undergraduate in Sociology from King Saud University, and a master’s degree in Instructional Technologies from Utah State University.

Among the many academic efforts Al Faiz has focused on were professional career pathways for women, early childhood education, , the development of special education, and more. 

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Ohoud Bint Abdullah Al Faris

Al-Faris has been appointed general supervisor of the General Administration of E-learning and Distance Education at the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. Her academic background is centered in computer science and mathematics where she got both a bachelor and master’s degree from Keele Univeristy, in the UK.

Other than that, Al-Faris has lent her expertise in many different aptitudes across prestigious universities in the Kingdom.

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Doha Abualsaud

Coming from a background of Literature and Linguistics, Doha Abualsaud is the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Assistant Professor and Director of Career and Alumni center at the University of Business and Technology in Jeddah.

Her career in education in quite prominent, primarily in research where she has authored a study based on ethnographic research that probes into comprehending and familiarizing ourselves with the emotional experiences of female teachers in secondary schools.

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Dr. Amal bint Jameel Fatani

Dr. Amal has previously held various roles in the educational sector in Saudi Arabia most significantly being the General Supervisor of Female Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education. Primary to joining the ministry she worked at King Saud University, and was among the batch of the first female pharmacy graduates in the country.

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Latifa Al AbdulKarim

With a career focused on Artificial Intelligence, Latifa Al AbdulKarim is a professor whose focus is on AI ethics, legal technology, and explainable AI. She works as an Assistant Professor at King Saud University teaching computer science, and is also a visitng researcher in AI at the University of Liverpool in the UK.

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Amal Shuqair

Amal Shuqair’s most recent achievement is that she was chosen as Deputy Minister for scholarships at the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. Her education roles lies in planning the various scholarship programs and overseeing their execution.

She comes from a background of computer science, industrial and computer engineering, while having completed her studies in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

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