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Dior Illuminates Iconic Harrods With A Dazzling Display

It's that time of year again, and the magical spirit of Christmas has already descended thanks to the decked-out department stores, the emergence of winter wonderlands throughout the city, and the reruns of our favorite holiday classics. Dior and London's Harrods collaborated together to launch The Fabulous World of Dior, a breathtaking show illuminating the revered corridors of the venerable department store, to celebrate the holiday season.

The ancient structure's front is decked with a unique display by Dior as part of the Dior x Harrods Christmas celebration, essentially altering it into a gigantic gingerbread house. In front of the dome, a massive 17-meter-tall magnetic Shephard's Star stands erect and beckons holiday shoppers inside. By reimagining the 44 classic Christmas windows at Harrods, Dior showcases its innovative mindset and festive enthusiasm.

Once inside, customers will find two charming pop-up boutiques that were inspired by enchanted Christmas tales. The first pop-up, which was inspired by a gingerbread house, replicates Monsieur Dior's atelier and welcomes guests into the secret wings of 30 Montaigne, while the second pop-up is a transient gift shop modelled after a cabinet of wonders, offering "the perfect present," including ready-to-wear and shoes, highlights include socially conscious prints reminiscent of Maria Grazia Chiuri's debut collection for Dior, home goods from the Dior Chez Moi capsule, and sweaters with poetic patterning.

The unique Kingdom of Dreams exhibition, which imitates the architecture of Dior's renowned locales, from Granville to La Colle Noire, via 30 Montaigne, in an astonishing play on scale and proportion, is just one of the many surprises that await visitors as they explore this fascinating setting.

Dior's miniature universe, replete with tiny mannequins wearing Dior gowns, is made entirely out of biscuits as part of this exhibit.

The French Maison is also bringing Café Dior to the upscale department store as part of the Dior x Harrods partnership. Visitors can enjoy hot cups of coffee within the opulent tearoom of the French fashion brand, complete with chairs covered in its iconic Dior toile de Jouy. They can also enjoy traditional French dishes, British-influenced delicacies, and holiday delights like Dior-inspired gingerbread, in the form of the Dior Bar jacket and Lady Dior purse, as well as the characteristic CD Diamond design and even the 30 Montaigne plaque.

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