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6 Projects The Saudi Green Initiative Is Working On

The Saudi Green Initative is a homegrown organization that is campaigning and advocating for climate action in Saudi Arabia and abroad. With the effect of climate change being seen and experience across different areas in the Middle East and Africa, it has become an obligation to reverse it, as the quality of life is at risk here.

With this mentality and urgent appeal in mind, Saudi Arabia is directing widespread and strategic action to combat climate change and is one of the key players in directing international teamwork for sustainability and environmental consciousness. Here are some of the main projects that the Saudi Green Initiative has done:

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1. 2030 Afforestation Plan:

In March 2021, the SGI has announced that it will be planting 450 million tress by the end of 2030 across various region in the kingdom.

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2. Mangrove Plantation Pilot:

This initiative aims to plant mangroves to support cleaning seawater, improving marine biodiversity and repairing aquatic vivacity. This initiative will be carried out in by Ba’a Foundation at Jeddah Islamic Port.

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3. Waste Management Transformation:

This plan will deter over 90% Riyadh’s waste away from toxic landfills and will compost biodegradable waste of over 1.3 million tons, resulting in massive reduction in CO2 emissions. Entity responsible for that will be the SIRC and the National Center for Waste Management.

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4. Clean Hydrogen Production:

Saudi Arabia aims to become the world’s top hydrogen exporter and producer with a goal of producing 4 million tons of clean hydroean annually. The entities on this project are Air Products Qudra, Acwa Power, SABIC, Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Ministry of Energy, and Neom Green Hydrogen Company.

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5. KSA’s Domestic Energy Mix:

This project aims to meet 50% of Saudi Arabia’s energy needs solely from renewables, which would results in reduction of emission equating to a million barrels of liquid fuel per day. The Saudi Ministry of Energy will be handling this project.

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6. SEEP – Saudi Arabia’s Energy Efficiency Program implement

This initiative aims to contrive new energy efficiency standards covering power generation, water desalination, and electricity transmission and distribution, and will be done in collaboration with Saudi Energy Efficiency Center and the Ministry of Energy.

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