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Regional Prada Paradoxe Campaign Features Dana Hourani

Prada Paradoxe, the Italian fashion and beauty house's new fragrance, was introduced this year, and Dana Hourani has been chosen for its regional promotion.

The Lebanese musician, declares in the accompanying video, "I never liked being defined, never liked being fixed, because I'm always changing," embodying the essence of the Prada woman, "who is never the same, but always herself."

Hourani is a perfect match for this collaboration with Prada Paradoxe because of her reputation for soulful music and her ability to express herself in a variety of ways. Prada Paradoxe prides itself on being a celebration of cross self-exploration. The interplay between the contrasts inherent in Prada, such as artistry and technology, tradition and modernity, and the newly generated space between them, forms the foundation of the new scent.

Prada Paradoxe by Prada is an amber floral fragrance for women. It combines recognizable ingredients with top notes of Neroli, heart notes of amber, base notes of vanilla and musk. To capture the fresh dimension of the flower, Prada is reinventing freshness with its first-ever neroli bud extraction. Ambrofix, a bio-converted amber that reveals a bright warmth, reinvents sensuality. Serenolide, a new breakthrough musk molecule, is reinventing intensity for a powerful yet subtle and comfortable trail that is detectable right from the top.

The refillable Paradoxe bottle reinvents Prada's most recognizable symbol, the triangle logo, encapsulating the brand's own essence. The classic bottle's tilted, yet firmly anchored, design is softened by rounded corners, and the fragrance's delicate coral pink color contrasts sharply with the deep black Prada coat of arms. Disruptive but feminine. Unusual yet instantly recognizable. It is available as a 30, 50 and 90ml Eau de Parfum and in a 100ml refill.

Three sustainably sourced ingredients—Moroccan neroli oil, vanilla infusion, and Calabrian bergamot heart—as well as the Prada Paradoxe refill program—showcase Prada's dedication to the environment in the latest launch. The packaging for the scent, which includes boxes and bottles, is recyclable. Glass bottles have been engineered to minimize their weight and glass usage, and boxes are FSCTM MIX certified, guaranteeing a more environmentally friendly combination of paper and paperboard.

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