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Did You Watch Netflix's Dubai Bling? Saudi Version of The Show Is Pending Approval

If you have recently opened Netflix, then you have definitely seen Dubai Bling, one of the most recent shows on the streaming platform to showcase the opulent lives of a select group of Dubai’s millionaires.

It’s basically a group of high spenders as we get a glimpse inside their social circles and the backdrop of the luxury cars, designer wear, and the most outlandish nightlife scene.

Well now, there has been news that there is a possibility that a Saudi version of the hit Netflix show might be in the works.

A source that worked with the production team has stated to Arab News, “Contrary to what people might think, there is actually a lot of excitement in the Kingdom to produce it and showcase the success stories of locals and expats alike in a similar manner.”

The source has not divulged any more information, as there as been no official confirmation yet on a Saudi Arabia version of it, but they did express their excitement, stating, “If you think the actors in the UAE version are rich, wait till you see who we might have lined up for ‘Saudi Bling’. We are just waiting for approvals now and of course, like with the Dubai show, we will ensure it does not cross any lines and accurately reflects the lives of the rich and famous in Riyadh.”

Dubai Bling features some of the biggest celebrities, including Saudi Arabian TV presenter Lojain Omran, Lebanese real estate entrepreneur, Zeina Khoury, Kuwiati-American businessman Ebraheem Al-Samad, Dubai-raised DJ, Marwan Parham A-Awadhi, and many more.

The show has found a lot of success within its first weeks of premiering in late October, as it showcases the basic form of reality shows we have come to love (and binge watch occasionally). The interesting thing about this is that it offers an authentic, yet admittedly very unattainable, peek into how Dubai’s elites live, and the culture they have.

With Arab people being know to code-switch between English and Arab, often int eh same sentences, the show has also managed to attract international audiences, and not just from the region. Would you watch the Saudi version of it? Because we are definitely on the lookout for that.

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