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Bottega Veneta Is Now Among These Luxury Labels That Offer Lifetime Warranty On Their Bags

Bottega Veneta saw a major resurgence in 2018 when ex-creative director, Daniel Lee bought a fresh perspective on the brand with him, and we’ve since seen the label create a new signature – especially with its leather accessories – most notably the exaggerated square front mules, heeled sandals and highly popular Cassette and Pouch bags. The Italian luxury fashion house, best known for its woven leather bags and accessories, prides itself on quality and its commitment to the luxury fashion industry and, with this in mind, has announced a lifetime warranty program for its bag offerings.

The newly announced “Certificate of Craft” program offers security for its distinctive designs and craftsmanship techniques through complimentary services that will help customers to preserve their bags.

Bottega Veneta clientele can now send their bags back to the brand for complimentary restorations and repairs to ensure the durability of their bag purchases.

“Bottega Veneta is an extraordinary craft with exquisite design and creativity. The Certificate of Craft is born out of a desire to offer our clients a superior service of long-term preservation of their products. Our vision remains consistent with the one of our founders. They wanted Bottega Veneta to represent the most elevated and refined form of luxury. We count days, not hours, to make our products. They are designed to last forever,” said Leo Rongone, Bottega Veneta CEO, in a statement regarding the Certificate of Craft program. Rongone also explained that the “Certificate of Craft” program is just the latest move in the luxury brand’s vision of how it will evolve and improve customer experience in the future. He added, “We focus on responsible growth. Our intention is to maintain products in use for longer, reducing the need for replacement.”

From this month onwards, each new bag purchase from Bottega Veneta will come complete with a physical and digital card marked with a unique serial number tied to the “Certificate of Craft” program.

Bottega Veneta is not the first brand to offer such services to their loyal clientele, as it joins the likes of Dr Martens, Mulberry- who also offer to buy back an old bag and allow you to purchase a new one, The North Face, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

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