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Must Reads For The Fall by Arab Authors

Fall is always the season to cuddle up with your favorite book and enjoy the weather as the temperatures drop. We have compiled a very exciting list for you to check out, all by Arab authors, and all riveting storylines that will have you turning pages for house.

Featuring themes like diaspora challenges, societal conflicts, family dynamics, love stories, generational trauma and more, here’s what’s on our wishlist for books for this fall.

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Rose’s Diary by Reem Alkamali

This book talks about the life of an Emirati girl living in Dubai around the 1960s with a love for writing and reading books, always seen with her secret notebooks full of her thoughts. She had plans to travel to Damascus to study Arabic literature but after her mother dies, her uncle does not allow her to do so. Out of frustration, anger and sadness, she starts writing her daydreams and reflections in the forms of confessions, little screenplays, letters, and more.

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Arsonists’ City by Hala Alyan

A book about family and diaspora featuring The Nasr family that is situated across Beirut, Brooklyn, Austin and California. With a Lebanese father, and a Syrian mother, the kids who were raised in the United States of America. Once their ancestral home in Beirut is about to be sold, they all travel back to fight for their house.

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Silence is A Sense by Layla AlAmmar

A beautiful piece about the healing power that a community of people can give you, Layla Al Ammar weaves the story of a refugee who tries to explain the story of distressed migration through an anonymous column at a magazine in the UK.

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What Strange Paradise by Omar El Akkad

A story that will definitely tug on your heartstrings, What Strange Paradise narrates the journey of two children who do not speak the same language, but try to find their paths through their cruel realities. What Strange Paradise will offer the contradicting aspects of empathy, apathy, love, brutality, hope, and misery, but we are sure it will be an exciting read.

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