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Milan Fashion Week Will Feature Luda Jewelry

The exquisite jewelry company Luda Fine Jewelry aspires for excellence, quality, and delicacy. The designs are focused on flowers that evoke luxury and sensuality with each piece demonstrating a distinct approach to its creation by using 18k gold, precious and semi-precious stones.

The "Bouquet of Flowers" from The Luda Collection is intended to elicit a special memory, occasion, or feeling. The collection pairs the language of flowers with their heartfelt meaning.

Khlood Arab, is a cosmetic dentist who returned from the United States of America and settled in Saudi Arabia after obtaining her Master’s degree & American board certificate in the field of dental artistry; presently serving as a consultant at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center. As a cosmetic dentist she underwent thorough training to combine art and science in a flawless way. Her profession, influenced by her appreciation of beauty, was an extension of who she truly is.

Khlood was enamored with the burgeoning fashion industry, enthralled by the newest trends, and intrigued by the ability of jewelry to make a lasting impression. Although designing jewelry initially came about by chance, it developed into a unique passion for fashion jewelry. She expanded her horizons by taking GIA and jewelry design courses in numerous locations including the Gemological Institute of America.

Arab collaborated with Dubai's 55fifty7 Diamond Studio to fulfill her dream of creating her own jewelry brand. She wanted her creations to speak for themselves. Her trait of constantly looking for originality and uniqueness has opened up a whole new world of inspiration and creativity in a tough and forever changing industry.

Luda has been selected to be one of Saudi 100 Brands to be featured in the Milan Whites showroom at next year’s Milan Fashion Week.

Khulood Arab, a talented Saudi doctor, has always had a love of jewelry; her most recent collection of exquisite creations is inspired by the beautiful country of Saudi Arabia, as she captures KSA's rich culture in her pieces. 

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