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These Are The Artists Featuring At Art D’Egypte Throughout November

Art D’Egypte has returned for its second edition bringing together pieces of unique art from all over the world for “Forever Is Now.”

Running from now until 30th November 2022, the international art exhibition situated against the backdrop of the Pyramids of Giza, will host these artists, including, Therèse Antoine (Egypt), Natalie Clark (USA, Spain), Mohammed Al Faraj (Saudi Arabia), Emilio Ferro (Italy), Zeinab Al Hashemi (UAE), JR (France), Ahmed Karaly (Egypt), Liter of Light (Globally), eL Seed (Tunisian), SpY (Spanish), Pascale Marthine Tayou (Cameroon), and Jwan Yosef (Syria, Sweden).

Attendees will have the visual treat of large scale art works that have been created specifically for the site they are installed in and blend in with Giza’s 4500 year old ancient monuments made of natural stone and fall under the objectives of the theme of “timelessness and the mysteries of an ancient civilization.” Sustainability is also at the forefront of “Forever is Now II” as the artworks have been created using natural and industrial materials with the aim to convey that “the future cannot be envisioned without a look at the past.”

Art D’Égypte’s founder, Nadine Abdel Ghaffar said in a statement about the event, “Our global success last year, motivated us to develop new plans that will amaze the world once more. We have worked hard over the years to establish Art D’Égypte as one of the region’s premier art institutions and we are proud to bring you this latest endeavor.”

The inaugural edition of Art D’Egypte’s “Forever Is Now” took place in celebration of the power of art being displayed in heritage sites, and received an excellent response. Off the back of that, “Forever Is Now II” is launching “Culturvator” which is a global cultural platform that works in alignment with “private and public entities to activate spaces for cultural promotion across all creative disciplines.”

Moreover, Art D’Égypte has partnered up with Metaverse on a “digital storytelling initiative” that will introduce 10 Augmented Reality filters – these are set to be informative guides to convey the inspiration and stories of each work of art at Forever is Now II.

Nadine Abdel Ghaffar added, “We are very excited for this partnership and to be one of the first art exhibitions showcased on the Metaverse with AR filters on Instagram in the Middle East, as Culturvator/ Art D’Egypte is always keen to be a pioneer.”

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