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Jeddah Will Host A New Music Festival By MDLBEAST

MDLBEAST is Saudi Arabia's first global entertainment and media platform that invests in local and international talent and musical innovation. The trailblazing company is renowned for its flagship music festival, Soundstorm, which takes place in Riyadh and welcomes some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry annually.

This week, MDLBEAST announced the launch of a new two-day music and arts festival, called Balad Beast that will be hosted in Jeddah’s Old Town, Al-Balad on 9th-10th December 2022. The event will be situated against the historical backdrop of Al Balad, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and will host over 70 international and local artists from hip-hop, EDM, house and techno genres and will perform across five different stages.

MDLBEAST CEO, Ramadan Alharatani, said in a statement, “It will be a privilege and honor to deliver Balad Beast. We know the history and importance of Jeddah’s Old Town, and we take our responsibility seriously to ensure Balad Beast shines a new spotlight on the historic site and opens new eyes to its beauty.”

Festival organizers have also promised a high end lighting and image projection system that will “reawaken Al-Balad’s centuries’ old surroundings.”

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