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A Mayfair Hotspot in London Branches Out To Riyadh

If you’re a Mayfair regular, you definitely must have heard about NAC. It’s one of those picture perfect restaurants hidden on a nice little side-street in London. The interior is very Instagrammable, and the French menu offers a twist on the classic cuisine.

Well, if you live in Saudi Arabia this is your lucky day because NAC just officially opened its doors in Riyadh on the 24th of October. The eatery promises to give you the same fun concept that is all about “Good Food & Good Friends.”

The menu is almost the same with the iconic dishes of the Choux À La Crème and the Ahi Tuna Poke making their grand entrances. What makes their food special is the diversity if the offerings, and the unique way in which they are made.

Among their most commendable plates would definitely be the Beetroot Hummus with feta, the Veal Schnitzel with the grissini crust, and the Quinoa Salad with pomegranate and baby tomato, drizzled with lemon confit dressing. And of course we can never forget the truffle burger, which ranks high on our must-try burger list.

However, what needs to be highlighted is how amazing their dessert menu is, from the famous churros with the dulce de leche to the crushed milk chocolate cookies with a Frosties soft serve. Also, we definitely didn’t forget the playful reinterpretation of the speculoos french toast, with raspberries and clotted cream.

The eclectic design of the interior remains true to the original brand with stylish rounded mirrors, interesting light fixtures, leather couches, and the friendly staff that has always been a favorite aspect of the place.

You can’t fail to have a good time at this place whether you’re looking for a fun brunch with friends to catch up or the nice family dinner you plan every week. Nac Riyadh is located in Laysen Valley, the newest food and beverage complex to launch in Saudi Arabia.

Laysen Valley has multiple renowned restaurants in addition to NAC such as Bafatelle, Sumosan, Santini, Wadi, NOOA, Mlle, Entrecôte Chez Boubier, Em Sherif, and Caffeination. 

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