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Book Lovers Will Simply Fall In Love with the Literary Man Obidos Hotel

This unique literary hotel is the perfect hideaway for bookworms.
From ice hotels structured entirely from ice and packed snow, to tree house hotels that allow you to take your love of the great outdoors to new heights, themed hotels can be so cool. And for bibliophiles, The Literary Man ?bidos Hotel in Portugal is the biggest book-themed one to be found in the world.

The hotel, which used to be a convent, opened in October 2015. It is situated in Obidos, a 700-year-old medieval town about an hour and a half northwest of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. Known for its ancient wall, the Pousada Obidos, a 700-year-old castle turned hotel, and the local drink (ginjinha), the town is now also a magnet for avid readers thanks to The Literary Man Obidos. By the end of 2016, the hotel boasted over 45,0000 books, with the owners working on amassing a total of 100,000. You can delve into books from world-renowned authors or scan through fiction, history, travel, cuisine and other varying subjects. Additionally, the vast collection includes quite a lot of original editions, and while most of the books are in English, you can read in several other languages, including French, Portuguese and German. Guests are also welcome to bring their own books, with many kindly leaving them for the hotel as a donation. 

The tens of thousands of titles line the walls all around the hotel, leaving book aficionados lots of choice when they want to find the perfect spot to indulge in their pastime. There are 30 bedrooms, including seven suites, some with traditional wooden ceilings and floors and iron beds, while others have been refurbished in an eco-chic and modern style. The perfect reading atmosphere can also be found in the hotel's library and restaurant, which pays homage to ancient Portuguese cooking traditions, and quiet patio. The Literary Gin Bar, which offers cocktails named after literary legends, and the lounge featuring an antique fireplace also have a great setting for reading. When you think of the hotel décor, just imagine the soft lighting, cosy leather chairs, desks and private corners.

Any solo diner knows a good book is the perfect companion, but the hotel also offers a one-of-a-kind live book and cooking experience. Plus, you can reserve ahead for some massages and bibliotherapy in the wine cellar.

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